Coral Reef Crustaceans: From Red Sea to Papua

Coral Reef Crustaceans: From Red Sea to Papua

Fantastic and comprehensive guide to coral reefs crustaceans! All shrimps, crabs and lobsters you saw or would like to see while diving or snorkelling are described in this book. Praise to the author for all the hard work put in when collecting the photos! Must have for all ocean lovers, divers and UW photographers! - from review of our customer.

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About the Book

This is the most comprehensive guide to the tropical Indo-Pacific crustaceans. Produced by collaboration between an experienced diver and photographer and leading scientists, this book covers the region from the Red Sea to Papua New Guinea. Inside Coral Reef Crustaceans from the Red Sea to Papua:
Photographs of 1140+ species;
500+ species have never before appeared in field guides or popular books;
Easy access to information;
All photographs were taken in the natural environment;
No anesthetic or sedatives substances were used on animals;
Every effort was made to reduce disturbance to sea creatures

Series: Critter academy, Book 1
Tag: shrimps-crabs
Publisher: Andrey Ryanskiy
Publication Year: 2020
Format: paperback, ebook
Length: Photo guide
ASIN: B087RRZ421
ISBN: 560420496X
List Price: $34,99
eBook Price: $14,99
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