Marine Flatworms of the Tropical Indo-Pacific

About the Book

The book covers the region from the Red Sea, East and South Africa to Hawaii, Marshall Islands and Guam. Inside the book:

  • Over 1300 full color photographs of 580+ species;
  • Particular attention was paid to color variations, for some species up to 12 photos from different regions were added;
  • Live photo of hundreds of species have never before appeared in field guides or popular books;
  • For hundreds of species zoogeographical ranges have been extended
  • Convenient pictorial guide at the beginning and index at the end of the book;
  • The book contains photographs of most of the recently described Indo-Pacific flatworms, some of them are represented by holotypes.
Series: Critter academy
Tag: flatworm
Publisher: Andrey Ryanskiy
Publication Year: 2021
Format: paperback, eBook
Length: 138
ISBN: 5604204978
List Price: 31,99$
eBook Price: 15,99$
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