Indonesia Coral Reef guide released

The author of the book, Andrey Ryanskiy, is an observing naturalist and expert UW photographer. For 15 years, he has traveled the world with his camera, never hit the water without it and has logged several thousand dives. Underwater photography for him is an instrument to promote the education and the care of the oceans and its inhabitants. Coral Reefs Indonesia is his fourth book about marine life. Instead of celebrating new release Andrey is diving now in the New Caledonia, invited by the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, to take part in the major marine biology expedition.

Back to the book, Coral Reefs Indonesia is the first and only photo guide solely dedicated to marine animals of Indonesia you are likely to see while diving or snorkeling and covering fishes, turtles, invertebrates and marine plants. It features near 1600 species, among them new species and new records of fishes and invertebrates for the Indonesia. The photo guide is available on Amazon as paperback and eBook (for frequent travelers).

In addition, Coral Reefs Indonesia is available in the Apple store for iPad and iPhone devices. It has an interactive menu with clickable previews and every picture can be viewed full-screen for better reader’s experience.

Enjoy the book, look for critters you have already seen and use it to plan your next diving trip to Indonesia!

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