5 facts you didn’t know about frogfishes.

Latin name of the family is Antennariidae. There are about 47 known species of frogfish worldwide. Fascinating to divers and deadly for its prey, the frogfish is the ocean’s master of aggressive mimicry.

  1. Many of them can change color over time to camouflage within their surroundings. Unlike the chameleon, they are unable to change its color quickly. The process usually takes several weeks.
  2. Striated, or hairy, frogfishes usually mimic algae or soft corals, but can also mimic venomous black urchins.
  3. Their attack is amongst the fastest in the world, being able to trap prey in 0.006 seconds!
  4. The frogfish lacks a swim bladder. This structure is found in most swimming fishes; it maintains their buoyancy in a similar manner to a diver’s BC.
  5. Juvenile painted frogfish mimic toxic nudibranchs. Because of this behavior, they have little to fear from their own predators while being ignored by their prey, allowing easy ambush.
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